Our Mercedes-Benz fully customized carbon fiber steering wheels are here! These are new replacement steering wheels! No need to send yours in and be without your car! No down time! You can either re use your stock airbag or purchase one of ours with a new airbag if you wanted custom leather or stitching on the airbag.

Customization is almost endless! We can do these in many color leathers, almost all colors of custom stitching on the wheel and or airbag, a center stripe can be placed via leather or enamel in any color, suede/Alcantara grips/bolsters or fully suede/Alcantara wheel if desired. Your choice of carbon fiber weave pattern and color! as well as gloss or matte finish available! Flat bottom wheels are also available!

Our new LED/LCD option has a center illuminated LCD display that shows vehicle speed and RPM and as well as F1 style sequential shift lights! From green, yellow, red, to all red! Best part is its an easy install and works all by a wireless OBDII connection!

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for manufacturing.

Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel